Real McCoy - Another Night

Real McCoy — Another Night

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Real McCoy — Another Night

Real McCoy is a German Eurodance/Pop music project that was internationally successful throughout the '90s with the hit songs «Another Night», «Automatic Lover (Call for Love)», «Run Away,» «Love & Devotion», «Come and Get Your Love», «One More Time» and the hit album Another Night.

Before 1995, Real McCoy was known in Europe as M.C. Sar & The Real McCoy. The music production team responsible for the group's success, Juergen Wind (J. Wind) and Frank Hassas (Quickmix), wrote and produced each of the group's hit singles and hit album between 1993 and 1995 under the team name «Freshline» in Berlin, Germany. During the early stages of the group's European success in 1993, German rapper Olaf Jeglitza (O-Jay) and American singer Patricia Petersen (Patsy) fronted the act as a rapper-singer duo. By 1994, singer Vanessa Mason had joined the group as the third member of the live act. At the height of the group's worldwide crossover success in 1995, Jeglitza, Petersen and Mason were officially marketed as a trio act under the shortened group name Real McCoy. Many years after the break up of the group, Petersen and Mason were revealed to have not been the real singers of the act. Both women had in fact been miming the vocals of studio singer Karin Kasar for all the group's music videos and live performances between 1993 and 1995.

The final Real McCoy album One More Time was released in 1997. Wind produced the album without Hassas' involvement. After Petersen's departure from the group, singer Lisa Cork was recruited into the act by American songwriter/producer Brent Argovitz. Since Kasar was no longer involved in recording vocals for the album, Cork and Mason sang vocals on the album instead. Jeglitza and Argovitz also worked together as songwriters for the production. The lead single (also titled One More Time) achieved major commercial success in Canada and Australia, but the commercial sales of the album itself worldwide in comparison to Another Night were considered a disappointment. The failure of the album ultimately caused the quick demise of the group's lineup in 1997.

In 1999, an all-new version of the group's 1990 hit «It's On You» and the single «Hey Now» was released with an all-new group lineup. Both singles failed commercially resulting in the production team permanently splitting up. In the years after the breakup, Jeglitza continued to release new independent singles under the name Real McCoy without Wind or Hassas' involvement.

In 2016, Jeglitza officially returned to live-performing as Real McCoy after a long multi-year hiatus. He now performs live with original studio singer Karin Kasar at '90s music festivals worldwide.

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